Hmmm, the Force is Weak with this One

Well, I was meaning to expand upon the spiritual forces themes.    The trouble with analogies is that sometimes they are too vague, and it has been beyond my capacity right now to get deeper into the notions of spiritual forces.  I still do think the analogies with physical forces and fields has a lot more traction.

Not all analogies are good ones either.  And sometimes they only have great power when there is a deep truth behind them, even though you might not be aware of it.  Also, to write anything profound I wonder if one needs to write from a position of dominance of some kind, not necessarily of dominance over the ideas, but dominance over one’s ego.  If there is ego or dis-spiriting influence clouding the view then how can one’s writing and thinking be pure.  For these reasons I’m taking a little break from the spirituality theme.  But it’s a passion I have, so I will return.


I just Google’d “the force is weak with this one” and found this cartoon, courtesy of Beeslo and Colonel Panic.

"The force is weak with this one"


But this panel from “Family Guy” is the better LOL!

The weak nuclear force???

Sometimes you have to let ideas ferment and fall from favour before they can gain renewed life.  So that’s what’s going on with my thoughts on spiritual forces for now.

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